Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Highrise Party on the Roof

A little while ago a friend of mine (Chantel Marie Photography) was putting together a styled shoot/video.  She so graciously chose me to do all the hair.  It was so fun! I loved working with everyone and it turned out amazing! Check it out.

Here are a few pictures from the shoot.

This braided updo was my favorite piece to play with.  It is just braid upon braid pinned and pulled out.

I love everything about her hair

Nothing says a night out like a bow tie in your hair.

Don't forget the boys

 Christopher Roberts did all the video work

Check out the Photos here:
Short Film:
Makeup: Jessica Marie Makeup
Hair: Destry Van Wagoner
Dresses: Ypsilon
Models: Nikki Harward, Jake Butler, Meg Welch, Mike Fogt, Hilary Bingham, Sean Welch
Flowers: Floral Design by Alaide
Table Design: Hilary Bingham
Cupcakes:Le Petite Bakery
Cake: CMH Cakes & Catering
Invites: Ruffled Ink
Rentals: Alpine Event Rentals

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hi blogging world! My name is Destry. I am super excited and nervous.  I haven't done the whole blogging thing before, but thought I should give it a try.  As of right now it feels like a new adventure and a scary trap all at once.  I am going to try and get the hang of this in a hurry. I am a stylist in a salon and have been doing hair for 4 years.  I absolutely love hair... cutting, coloring, styling. The only thing I don't love is shaving/waxing the hair off my own legs and armpits. (Am I right girls?)  I love talking and I love doing hair.  So naturally being a stylist is a perfect fit for me.  I get to visit with my friends and catch up on their life while being paid. That's what we call a win win!    

A little about me: I love beach floppy hats and candy.
Why Hairapy?  Well... I feel like it is safe to say that as a stylist my clients confide in me and often ask for advice.  Therapy while getting your hair done, that's killing 2 birds with one stone.  Another win win!  I may include a lot of puns in my writing. Sorry in the future for this.  My goal for this blog is to give advice about life as I see it, and also advice about hair.  I will include styling tips, my favorite products, cuts and colors I have done, anything related to hair or "salon talk"  really.  I hope you enjoy!